First opened in the summer of 2012, TRVE Brewing (pronounced “True Brewing”) is Denver’s one and only heavy metal-inspired brewery. Brewing housemade beers ranging from sour beers to clean beers, the brewers here are self-proclaimed “style blasphemers” and “category agnostics”—TRVE beers don’t adhere to any particular guidelines, but are always guaranteed to be tasty.

We sat down with TRVE founder Nick Nunns to talk about heavy metal, his favorite TRVE beers on tap, and the Colorado craft beer scene. 

A can of TRVE or "True" Brewing beer with a skull on it.

Wines Off Wynkoop: How did TRVE Brewing and it’s radical heavy metal theme come to fruition?

Nick Nunns of TRVE: Heavy metal has been a part of my life almost as long as I’ve been listening to music. I wanted to marry the two things I love, and the spawn of that is TRVE. 

W.O.W.: What does a night at TRVE Brewing look like? What can someone expect when they walk in the door?

NN: You can be guaranteed to hear heavy metal in our taproom, but we keep all the music focused on the area near our bar so people can escape from it should it not be their favorite. One of the things I love the most about our taproom is that the clientele is fairly broad; you’re as likely to see folks in the taproom coming straight from their office gig in business casual attire as you are to see fully-tattooed metalheads.

W.O.W.: What are your favorite beers on tap?

NN: Right now my favorite beer on tap is Hellion. We call it a throwback crusher as it’s a recently resurrected beer of ours that doesn’t really fit into any particular bucket. It’s a 4.5% slightly hoppy amber brewed with a bunch of golden naked oats. It’s almost like an American ESB? Whatever it is, it’s delicious.

W.O.W.: What do you think of the Colorado craft beer scene?

NN: Colorado is crazy to me. I’m lucky enough to travel around the country quite a bit and there is absolutely nothing else like Colorado out there. We’re lucky to have a longstanding craft beer scene here where craft beer is basically the state’s signature food. This longevity does mean that the market is a lot tougher than others, and breweries have to really fight to get their name out there. I’m thankful we’ve been received so well, and that we routinely seem to make the bucket lists of places to visit. 

W.O.W.: Anything else you’d like to share about TRVE Brewing?

NN: We appreciate the support of our local fans and those who make the pilgrimage to come see us! Thanks for making the past eight years rip!

Want to taste the deliciousness of TRVE Brewing for yourself? Visit their taproom at 227 Broadway #101, Denver, Colorado.

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