The inescapable fact-of-the-matter is that a lot of the highest rated and most sought after beers and whiskeys are just hard to find. They’re low production because they often take more time to make, or the ingredients themselves are more rare or expensive.

Wines Off Wynkoop takes the opportunity of reaching out and grabbing some of these products whenever we find them available. And every once in a while we open them up to the public to purchase. This… is one of those times.

We’re one day away from the end of our Anniversary Week Celebration, and what that also means is that we’re one day away from the end of our silent auction. Tomorrow is your last day to come in and put a bid on any of these rare beers and whiskeys included below. As a reminder, we’re only making these available to people in the area who can come pick them up – they will not be shipped.

Also, don’t forget: Today is 21-off all liquor in the store. This will be our last 21% sale off liquor, so came in while you still can!

#FirestoneWalker #Sucaba 2016
Firestone Walker #StickeeMonkey 2016 & 2017
Firestone Walker #Helldorado 2015
Firestone Walker Helldorado 2016
Firestone Walker Anniversary XX & XXI
Firestone Walker #Parabola 2017 & 2018
Firestone Walker #Bravo 2017
Firestone Walker #VelvetMerkin 2017
#NewBelgium #LaFolie 2016
#Boulevard Imperial Stout Tart Cherry 2015
#Bell‘s #ExpeditionStout 6pk 2015
#RussianRiver #Consecration 2014
Russian River Consecration 2017
#WickedWeed #FermedeGrand-Pere 2016
Set of 2 Crystal Pilsner Glasses
#Yamazaki 12Yr
#FourRoses OESV
#Michter‘s #SourMash
#Laws #FourGrain #Bourbon #Whiskey Batch #1-#5 (vertical set of 5-bottles)
Laws Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey Batch #6-#10 (vertical set of 5-bottles)

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