When You Buy 2-Wednesday Sale… All Wine On Sale!

On Wednesday, February 29th, ALL WINE in the store will be 15% off when you buy 2-or more bottles of wine. Mix-and-match all you want!

When You Buy 2 Wednesdays Sale on February 22. Details are here:

All Domestic White Wine is 15% on February 22nd, when you buy at least 2-bottles of domestic white wine!

“When You Buy 2 Wednesdays” Sale on February 15th! Link to Details:

On Wednesday, February 15th, all Imported Red Wine will be 15% off when you buy 2-or more bottles of Imported Red Wine!

FREE Friday Wine Tasting from 1pm-6pm! We’ll be tasting:

2007 Rocky Gully Dry Riesling, from the Frankland River region in Western Australia, and the 2009 Mission Estate Winery Syrah, from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Open for tasting and discounted from 1pm-6pm on Friday, February 10th!

“When You Buy 2 Wednesdays” Sale!

On Wednesday, February 8th, all imported white wine will be 15% off with the purchase of 2-or more bottles of imported white wine.

Early closing today, Friday, February 3rd

We will be closing the wine store early today, due to the snowstorm impacting the metro area today. We will attempt to stay open until 7pm, but if you plan on coming in after 5pm today, please call ahead to see if we are open.

FREE Friday Wine Tasting, January 3rd, from 1pm-6pm! Check it out:

We’ll be tasting and offering a discount on these two wines from 1pm-6pm.
2010 Posenato “Le Coste” Pinot Grigio, from the Venezie region of Italy, and the 2010 Tilia Malbec/Syrah blend from Mendoza, Argentina.

Superbowl Weekend-Long Beer Sale! Check it out:

All beer in the store is 15% off for Superbowl weekend, from Saturday February 4th through Monday February 6th! Just mention you want the “Superbowl Beer Discount” when making your purchase and you’ll save 15% off any and all beer you buy over the weekend!